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COVID-19 įtaka

Assistance for business and the self‑employed

In order to support business and help population facing the negative impact of COVID‑19 spread, appropriate provisions facilitating payment of taxes and social security contributions have been adopted, downtimes, subsidies for small entrepreneurs are funded from state resources, which also contribute to implementing business liquidity ensuring measures.

All relevant information on aid measures of the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), Lithuanian Employment Service and INVEGA is available in one place .



In the case of concerns, please call our specialists by the following telephone numbers:



1882 or (+370 5) 260 5060 
More contacts: https://www.vmi.lt/cms/aptarnavimo-skyriai   


the State Social Insurance Fund Board the Lithuanian Employment Service


SODRA (the State Social Insurance Fund Board) and the Lithuanian Employment Service:
1883 or (+370 5) 250 0883
Subsidies for employers: https://uzt.lt/konsultantai-subsidija/
Subsidies for the self-employed: https://uzt.lt/konsultacijos-sav-dirbantiems/



(+370 5) 210 7510