Statistics Lithuania’s work in quarantine mode

Will statistical information be published on time?


As soon as the quarantine was announced, employees of Statistics Lithuania consistently started teleworking. Currently, over 400 employees work from home. Both the central office in Gedimino Ave. in Vilnius and the territorial divisions are closed. The employees are allowed to visit the work premises only when necessary, e.g. to ensure the performance of information systems and communication.

All of our services and services which were provided directly (consulting, statistical literacy training, etc.) are now provided only remotely. Nonetheless, we remain open to the public: you can contact us during our regular working hours by phone and emails provided on the Official Statistics Portal or via Statistics Lithuania profile on Facebook.

Our goal is to reorganize our activities so that users of statistical information would not feel any negative changes and to continue providing services: publish information on the Official Statistic Portal, respond to user inquiries, promote students’ statistical literacy, and respond as promptly as possible to the information needs of society.


Will statistical information be published on time?

Statistics Lithuania will make every effort to publish statistical information according to the calendar provided on the Official Statistics Portal, as provided in the Official Statistics Programme. Any risk of delay will be announced in advance.

Our priority – monthly news releases which promptly show changes in the national economy. In the next two months, we plan to publish news releases on price indices, retail trade and catering, activity of industrial enterprises, foreign trade as well as changes in business and population opinion over a month, inflation forecast. In addition, we will prepare up-to-date information on changes in the number of operating entities as we already receive information about enterprises which terminate or stop their activity. We also expect to estimate changes in migration flows or increase in turnover of enterprises trading in food products. Such information will be published to the public as soon as possible. This is our commitment at this difficult time.