• Changes in industry

    2019-08-23 (Scheduled message, July 2019)

    In July 2019, based on provisional data, industrial production totalled EUR 1.96 billion at current prices and, compared to June, seasonally and calendar adjusted, increased by 1.2 per cent at constant prices (unadjusted – 2.3 per cent).

  • Job vacancies

    2019-08-23 (Scheduled message, II quarter 2019)

    This new release is not translated into English.

  • Statistics on accommodation services

    2019-08-23 (Scheduled message, II quarter 2019)

    In II quarter 2019, accommodation establishments accommodated 1.1 million tourists, or by 11.6 per cent more than in II quarter 2018. The number of foreign tourists totalled 543.5 thousand (by 11.4 per cent more), the number of Lithuania’s residents – 544 thousand (by 11.8 per cent more).

  • Eksportuotų ir importuotų prekių kainų pokyčiai

    2019-08-20 (Scheduled message, 2019 m. birželis)

    Eksportuotų prekių kainos 2019 m. birželį, palyginti su geguže, sumažėjo 1,8 proc., importuotų prekių – 1,7 proc.

  • ICT use in households

    2019-08-19 (Scheduled message, I quarter 2019)

    In I quarter 2019, 77 per cent of households had personal computers, 82 per cent – Internet access at home, which is by, respectively, 1 and 4 percentage points more than in 2018.

  • Building construction

    2019-08-14 (Scheduled message, II quarter 2019)

    In II quarter 2019, 1,836 new residential and non-residential buildings were completed, i.e. by 10.6 per cent more than in the respective quarter of 2018.

  • Works of construction enterprises

    2019-08-14 (Scheduled message, II quarter 2019)

    In II quarter 2019, the volume of construction work carried out in the country amounted to EUR 874.1 million at current prices, and against the previous period, seasonally and calendar adjusted, decreased by 2.4 per cent (unadjusted – increased by 61.2 per cent).

  • Changes in prices for industrial production sold

    2019-08-09 (Scheduled message, July 2019)

    In July 2019, against June, prices for the total industrial production sold increased by 0.3 per cent, refined petroleum products excluded – decreased by 0.1 per cent. The overall price change was influenced by an increase in prices for refined petroleum products, as well as by a decrease in prices for chemicals and chemical products.

  • Changes in prices calculated based on the HICP

    2019-08-09 (Scheduled message, July 2019)

    In July 2019, average annual inflation calculated based on the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP), which is methodologically harmonised with those of other EU member states, stood at 2.3 per cent and was by 0.1 percentage points lower than that calculated based on the consumer price index (CPI).

  • Foreign trade in goods in June 2019

    2019-08-09 (Scheduled message, June 2019)

    In June 2019, exports amounted to EUR 2.42 billion, imports – EUR 2.45 billion. Exports of goods of Lithuanian origin amounted to EUR 1.47 billion. The foreign trade deficit of Lithuania amounted to EUR 29.8 million.