Data for scientific purposes

Statistics Lithuania provides statistical information on individual request (enquiry). Individual request (enquiry) is a request by a user to provide him/her with a certain piece of statistical information, submitted via the Official Statistics Portal. A response to the request (enquiry) is prepared by the divisions of Statistics Lithuania within the area of their competence. Statistical information collected, processed and published under the Official Statistics Work Programme on the Official Statistics Portal and released according to the Catalogue of Statistical Publications is available free of charge.

Responses to enquiries are to be paid for (paid enquiries) if statistical information required for their preparation has not been published in the publications or on the Official Statistics Portal, and/or the preparation of statistical information of the required volume and content requires additional grouping and/or collection and/or analysis and/or programming, or if the required statistical information has been published but the applicant wants to receive from Statistics Lithuania a complete set of statistical information.

These paid services are provided by the Library-Bookshop.

Tel. (+370 5) 236 4602

Confidential statistical data can be provided for scientific purposes to the researchers of national and foreign higher education and research institutions and research institutes as defined in the Law on Higher Education and Research of the Republic of Lithuania.

Confidential statistical data are provided on an electronic medium or a remote desktop. For more information on remote access to data for scientific purposes, see: How to use remote access (PDF, in Lithuanian).

Confidential statistical data are provided for scientific purposes in a manner that does not enable the direct identification of the respondent.

The service price depends on the time spent on the preparation of the dataset.

Note. Confidential statistical data are not provided for the BA and MA students of higher education institutions.