Service prices

The enquirer who has submitted a paid enquiry shall pay for statistical information preparation services (special programming, grouping, preparation for printing, printing, copying, etc.). The preparation of responses to enquiries shall be paid if:

  • statistical information needed for the preparation thereof is not published on the OSP or in statistical publications, and the preparation of the statistical information of the volume and contents required by the enquirer demands additional grouping and/or arrangement and/or analysis and/or programming work;

  • required statistical information is published on the OSP but the enquirer requests from Statistics Lithuania an arranged set statistical information.

The prices of statistical publications and responses to paid requests shall be approved on an annual basis by order of the Director General of Statistics Lithuania, upon consultation with the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania. The price for enquiries and publications shall cover direct and overhead production costs.

The prices of statistical publications shall be published in the OSP e-library.

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Document updated: 2018-03-08