Dictionary of Statistical Terms

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Target Audience of eSTŽ?

eSTŽ is meant to familiarise users – both skilled statistical experts and users and pupils, students and others less experienced in statistics – with official statistical terminology used at Statistics Lithuania, which is the main national institution responsible for the production and dissemination of official statistics.

How created is eSTŽ?

eSTŽ consists of two parts – the main dictionary, where terms used in official statistics, their definitions, equivalents in other languages and additional information are presented, and a dictionary for beginners – those who never or just rarely come across statistical terminology. In the latter dictionary, we try to explain terms in a simple language with examples and additional information.

How to use eSTŽ?

Users can search for terms in several ways: by letter, domain or by entering at least four letters of a word into the search field.

Is eSTŽ reliable term source?

Every term in eSTŽ has a certain status – it can be approved, applicable or inapplicable. These statuses are granted by the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language. “Under consideration” means that the term is still under consideration by the Terminology Commission of Statistics Lithuania. In the latter case, the users concerned can suggest how we could improve the term or its definition, point out inaccuracies or even be directly involved in the discussions about the term. Such initiative is highly welcome.