Conference on the worth of information for challenging times

On 26–28 April, the 18th Conference of the International Association of Official Statistics (IAOS) “Worthy Information for Challenging Times” is taking place in Krakow. Statistics Lithuania, together with the world statistical community, is also participating there. Today, the Director General of Statistics Lithuania Dr Jūratė Petrauskienė is chairing the conference session to discuss fundamental principles of statistics and is taking part in the discussion on the use of satellite monitoring/tracking data.

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) organizes the IAOS Conference every two years. The IAOS is an international non-governmental organization, established and developed as a specialized division of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). Key objectives of the IAOS are to promote the understanding and progress of official statistics and to foster the effective development and efficient provision of official statistics services in general.

In the course of the said Conference, innovations in the field of statistics applied in various countries will be addressed; new challenges currently faced by statistics will be discussed, and the best practices of the countries will be shared.

More about the conference https://www.iaos2022.pl/.