by Order No. DĮ‑90 of 5 April 2023
of the Director General of State Data Agency
(Statistics Lithuania)



Understanding the importance of state data managed and processed in the State Data Governance Information System, the management, processing and use of this data, monitoring and analysis of the state's economic and social development and financial stability and ensuring effective information exchange, as well as the security of the statistical information being prepared, State Data Agency (Statistics Lithuania), performing functions assigned to it, undertakes:

  1. to carry on activity taking into account key principles of information security – confidentiality, integrity and availability, in order to ensure information provided by respondents and interested parties;

  2. to process data, create and develop data management processes in compliance with personal data protection requirements;

  3. to ensure secure statistical data collection, processing and dissemination of statistical information prepared on the basis thereof;

  4. to ensure the business continuity, management of vulnerability of the State Data Governance Information System, to protect its data from illegal disclosure or unauthorised dissemination;

  5. to strive for fulfilment of the objectives aimed to ensure the security of the State Data Governance Information System;

  6. to develop skills and capacities of the State Data Agency’s (Statistics Lithuania’s) staff in the field of information security;

  7. to participate in various levels of cyber security exercises and training;

  8. to regularly update the technical means used to ensure information security, to allocate other resources necessary for proper functioning of the information security management system;

  9. to ensure steady cycle of the security management of the State Data Governance Information System by conducting annual security audit of the State Data Governance Information System;

  10. to continuously improve the information security management system, its efficiency, by ensuring the implementation of standards LST EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 and other requirements established for State Data Agency (Statistics Lithuania);

  11. to strengthen international and interinstitutional cooperation in the field of information security, to actively participate on this issue in the statistical activities of the European statistical system and international organisations.