Be active and participate in our surveys!

Statistics are used by people, enterprises, national and municipal authorities in passing political decisions and planning our future.

It is of the utmost importance to involve a maximum number of selected citizens as this is the best way for assuring good-quality statistics.

Since July, interviewers from Statistics Lithuania have already renewed their home visits related to personal surveys and will visit respondents at home.

If you have received an invitation to participate in the statistical survey, we are kindly asking to fill in a questionnaire online

Currently, the following statistical population (household) surveys are conducted by Statistics Lithuania:

  • labour force survey;
  • survey on ICT use in households;
  • survey on population departure from place of residence;
  • consumer opinion survey.

For further information on statistical population (household) surveys, questionnaire forms, survey methods, interviewers‘ contacts, etc. please consult

In the case of concerns, please call us on business days from 8 am to 5 pm by the following telephone number of the Interview Centre: (+370 5) 236 4607, or send an email to