Cutting-edge technologies for the volunteers of NGO Stiprūs Kartu (Strong Together)

NGO Strong Together + Palantir Technologies + Statistics Lithuania

On February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine. On February 25, Statistics Lithuania and a team of engineers from Palantir Technologies decided that they had to act. Today, representatives from three different sectors – non-governmental organisation Strong Together, public authority Statistics Lithuania, and software company Palantir Technologies – are cooperating closely in providing assistance to Ukrainian war refugees. 

From an idea to implementation – 3 days

One of the biggest volunteering initiatives since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine is NGO Strong Together. Having started with Google Sheets, today the volunteers of the NGO Strong Together use a specifically designed application based on the cutting-edge data management platform Palantir Foundry.

In this application, volunteers organise the assistance requests of war refugees and the offers from those who want to help and choose the most suitable solution for each need of accommodation or transportation from the border. Data processing is carried out by volunteers in a secure electronic environment, with prior commitment to confidentiality and data security. Analysts at Statistics Lithuania plan to produce interactive, up-to-date public and government reports from anonymised data.

As of March 25, since the launch of the system on March 4:

  • Total number of users – 800+ 
  • Average number of daily users – approx. 200
  • Number of war refugees accommodated per day – approx. 400–600
  • Total number of successfully processed requests – approx. 2600
  • Total number of people provided with accommodation – approx. 8000, of them 3600 children

What’s next?

The application built for volunteers is constantly being improved to meet new challenges and needs. In the near future, data on housing for war refugees provided by local municipalities will be added to the platform, and the already publicly available dashboards presenting indicators on war refugees in Lithuania ( will be complemented by statistics on the assistance provided by the volunteers of NGO Strong Together.  

At no additional cost whatsoever

The technical support for NGO Strong Together was provided by reallocating the available resources of the State Data Management Platform and by pooling the efforts of Palantir Technologies’ engineers and the staff of Statistics Lithuania.

Reminder: based on the Palantir Foundry platform, Statistics Lithuania has created and further develops the State Data Governance Information System for management of data of state information systems, registers and other sources and provision of such data in the context of monitoring and analysing the economic and social development of the state and ensuring efficient information exchange.

Relevant information on Lithuania’s assistance to Ukraine and war refugees is available at

Assistance to war refugees in Lithuania:


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