Work changes due to COVID-19 pandemic

As the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic, Statistics Lithuania takes further actions to protect its employees and other people.

Due to quarantine, the employees of Statistics Lithuania work from home. We strive to publish all information on time.

For statistical indicators, please contact us by Email:

Data provision, as usual, is performed via the Internet.

For business:

Statistical reports can be provided at

If you have any problems filling in the questionnaires, please contact us by Email:

For persons sampled for statistical surveys:

In May, the interviewers will not visit the respondents at home.

We kindly invite you to fill in the statistical questionnaires online.

Currently, the following population (household) statistical surveys are carried out:

• Statistical Labour Force Survey,

• Statistical Consumer Survey,

• Statistical Survey on Population Departures from Place of Residence,

• Statistical consumer survey.

If you have received a letter inviting you to participate in the statistical survey, please contact us by Email provided in the letter or fill in the questionnaire online (information with instructions is provided in the letter).

Information on population (household) surveys, questionnaires, data collection modes, contacts of the interviewers and other information is available on the website

If you have questions, please contact us by Email: