Statistics will show the impact of virus on economy, business and people. Please submit reports

Business people are invited to provide statistical reports thereby ensuring a subsequent accurate identification of COVID-19 consequences

We will combat the virus, both medics and economists are sure of that. Undoubtedly, our business will recover after the crisis caused by the present pandemic. Statistics will be key measure in passing decisions on possible losses and assessing them in the future. Therefore, statistical data produced by our enterprises and population are of vital importance.

This crisis will pass, but the demand for statistics will remain, and is likely even to increase as it will be necessary to pass decisions intended to emerge from the crisis. Figures will be necessary to take decisions therefore reasonable and comprehensive approach of business people and population is more necessary than ever. We are kindly asking all business people and our population to fulfil their civil duty responsibly and efficiently, especially now, when we are facing new challenges.

Statistical reports can be provided at

If you have any problems filling in the questionnaires, please contact us by Email:

In case of the temporary suspension of activities by the enterprise, please inform us by contact details indicated in the reports. Information submitted by you will help us to assess current activities of the enterprises in our country more accurately and to pass proper decisions concerning statistical reporting deadlines.

For persons sampled for statistical surveys:

In April, the interviewers will not visit the respondents at home.

We kindly invite you to fill in the statistical questionnaires online.

Currently, the following population (household) statistical surveys are carried out:

  • Statistical Labour Force Survey,

  • ICT Usage in Households Survey,

  • Statistical Survey on Population Departures from Place of Residence,

  • Survey on Income and Living Conditions,

  • Statistical consumer survey.

If you have received a letter inviting you to participate in the statistical survey, please contact us by Email provided in the letter or fill in the questionnaire online (information with instructions is provided in the letter).

Information on population (household) surveys, questionnaires, data collection modes, contacts of the interviewers and other information is available on the website

If you have questions, please contact us by Email:

We will effectively and expeditiously provide all information related to statistical reporting changes on our website

We thank you for your contribution to production of the State statistics.