Official statistics, necessary for state management and public needs and produced in accordance with the Official Statistics Programme, shall be produced and published in compliance with the principles of professional independence, impartiality and objectivity. It shall be precise and reliable, timely and punctual, compatible and comparable, clear and available to the public.

  1. All statistical information and metadata produced according to Part I of the Official Statistics Programme shall be published and made available to the public free of charge on the Official Statistics Portal.

  2. Statistical information, ensuring confidentiality of the data, shall be published according to the approved and publically accessible calendars. Deviations from the calendars shall be notified to the public in advance, stating the reason for the deviation and the new date of publication.

  3. All users shall have equal rights to receive statistical information and metadata at the same time. Any privileged early access to statistical information shall be limited, controlled and transparent.

  4. Official statistics shall be quoted by stating its originator.

  5. Statistical information shall be produced following the established procedures and standards, as well as recognizable (identifiable) by the logo of institution and another visual identity elements.

  6. Methodologies, meta information on the sources, methods, procedures and quality shall be open; the public shall be informed in advance about significant methodological changes.

  7. Information, accessibility and user needs shall be subject to a systematic assessment by carrying out consumer surveys and statistics usability analyses, as well as ensuring continuous improvement of dissemination, improvement of products and services.

  8. Information about revisions of statistical indicators shall be published in the publicly available calendar on the Official Statistics Portal.

  9. Any errors detected in the published information shall be immediately corrected, and the users shall be notified of such corrections.

  10. Access to microdata, ensuring their confidentiality, shall be granted for scientific objectives subject to compliance with the special requirements and rules.


Official Statistics Dissemination Guidelines have been prepared under the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania, the official statistics dissemination principles and standards of the EU, United Nations and International Monetary Fund, internal legislation of Statistics Lithuania and best practice of other countries. Other institutions producing official statistics are recommended to apply these guidelines.

Document updated: 2023-05-23