Implementing the Law on the Reduction of Administrative Burden of the Republic of Lithuania and aiming to reduce the statistical reporting burden, Statistics Lithuania undertakes:

  1. To collect statistical data from respondents only in the cases when no other administrative or statistical data sources are available for producing qualitative statistical information.

  2. To expand the use of administrative and other data owned by natural and legal persons for the production of statistical indicators and improvement of their quality.

  3. To consult with respondents concerning statistical data collection, engage them into testing and renewal of statistical questionnaires.

  4. To optimize the methods used in statistical surveys, to improve the data provision environment.

  5. To pursue that small enterprises (with 0–4 persons employed and income not exceeding 10 percent of all operating income according to the Classification of Economic Activities (NACE Rev. 2), approved by Order No DĮ-226 of 31 October 2007 of the Director General of Statistics Lithuania On the Approval of the Classification of Economic Activities) participate in no more than 3 statistical surveys a year.

  6. To aim for the average time needed by a legal entity for data preparation and filling in all statistical questionnaires per year being not increased.

In order to develop the feedback with respondents, provide them with statistical information under request and respond the inquiries quickly and clearly.

Approved by Order No DĮ-86 of 25 March 2022 of the Director General of Statistics Lithuania.

Document updated: 2023-02-01