The Strategy of Statistics Lithuania for 2018–2022 encompasses Direction III, which envisages strengthening the international image of the institution, increasing involvement of employees in the improvement of activities of Statistics Lithuania at all levels and sharing best practices.


Study visit of the representatives of the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On 12–15 March, Statistics Lithuania hosts a study visit of Azerbaijani delegation on business register quality.

First of all, a general overview of the Statistical Business Register as a basis for statistical surveys in State Statistical Committee of the Republic Azerbaijan and in Statistics Lithuania will be presented by the representatives of both countries. Later, the specialists of the Department of Economic Entities of Statistics Lithuania will present the structure and user interface of the database of the Statistical Register of Economic Entities and will discuss the updating of the register information, preparation of a list of active entities based on which statistical surveys are conducted, implementation of the statistical unit “enterprise” corresponding to Council Regulation (EEC) No 696/93 of March 1993.

Use of registers in population census and other statistical surveys will also be discussed, and experience in using the state registers’ data for surveys on employment will be shared.