The Strategy of Statistics Lithuania for 2018–2022 encompasses Direction III, which envisages strengthening the international image of the institution, increasing involvement of employees in the improvement of activities of Statistics Lithuania at all levels and sharing best practices.


Lithuania will contribute to the development of the European Statistics Strategy

Director General of Statistics Lithuania Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė has been elected a member of the Partnership Group of the European Statistical System Committee.

This working group ensures the activity of the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC), which is the highest governing and decision-making body of the European Statistical System. The working group provides proposals to the Committee on strategic and current activities and possible solutions to problems related to the production of European statistics, coordinates cooperation between national statistical offices and Eurostat, submits proposals and ideas to the Committee, prepares agendas for Committee meetings and draft documents.

“Being a member of this group means active participation in developing statistics strategy at European level, contribution to solving the key issues which subsequently relate with national statistical offices. It is an opportunity to present your ideas on improvement of production of statistics and to raise the most pressing issues related to the European Statistical System. Moreover, it is recognition and a good assessment of the country’s statistical institution,” – Director General of Statistics Lithuania Jūratė Petrauskienė said.   

The Partnership Group comprises eight heads of the national statistical offices and two representatives of Eurostat. The members of the Partnership Group are elected for two-year term by the heads of the national statistical offices. The working group is currently chaired by the Head of Statistics Poland.