Technical assistance in 2022

In pursuance of the objective set in the Strategy 2018–2022 – to increase the accessibility and awareness of the services offered by the State Data Agency by strengthening the inter-institutional cooperation nationally and internationally – the State Data Agency provided technical assistance to foreign statistical offices. Experts of the State Data Agency were actively participating in technical assistance projects.

In 2022, together with foreign partners, the State Data Agency, as a consortium partner, submitted several applications for the participation in newly announced tenders and answered calls for proposals for the projects on technical assistance for various countries.

The EU Twinning Project “Strengthening the capacity of Jordan’s Department of Statistics (DoS) in terms of compilation, analysis and reporting of statistical data in line with international and European best practices”, led by Statistics Denmark (Statistics Denmark – leading Member State; the State Data Agency, Istat (Italy), DESTATIS (Germany) – project junior partners; Statistics Finland – participating partner), was won. In 2022, the project planning activities were carried out and the first project steering committee meeting was held. Starting from January 2023, missions to Jordan’s Department of Statistics and kick-off meeting with high-level representation from the participating countries will take place.

In 2022, the State Data Agency, as a junior partner, also took part in implementing activities in the EU twinning project in Azerbaijan “Support to the State Statistical Committee and the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy to strengthen collection, harmonization, analysis, publishing and dissemination of business statistics”, led by Statistics Finland. Due to COVID-19, the project was implemented both online and, when possible, onsite. From the beginning of the project in 2019, 6 experts of the State Data Agency implemented 16 activities in various statistical fields, such as improving the Business Register, Business Demography, SBS, use of the new administrative data sources, the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM): 5 onsite, 1 hybrid, 10 online. In January 2022, the State Data Agency hosted delegation from Azerbaijan (10 persons) for the study visit on Business Statistics Surveys Processes. The project was finalized in April 2022 by organizing the project final conference with participation of the ambassadors, Directors General, project leaders of the participating countries and representatives of the Ministries of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The project and results achieved received very good evaluation by all parties.

In June 2022 the EU regional project STEP (Statistics through Eastern Partnership) for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, implemented by consortium partners from the State Data Agency, INSEE (France), ISTAT (Italy), Statistics Denmark and Hungarian Central Statistical Office, led by Expertise France was finalized. When COVID-19 pandemic restrictions were introduced in 2020, the mode of implementation was changed from onsite to online. From the beginning of the project in 2019 until the end of the project, 8 experts of the State Data Agency implemented 13 activities in the field of Business Register as well as gender, population and housing statistics, and quality policy.

Being active in statistical cooperation, experts of the State Data Agency have been invited to share their experience in projects carried out by other cooperation partners.

In 2022, within the framework of the World Bank Project “ICT Needs Assessment to Somali Integrated Statistics and Economic Planning Capacity Building Project” under the service contract with Norway Registers Development AS, 3 experts of the State Data Agency assisted in preparing recommendations for the installation of workplaces needed for the production of official statistics and prepared main recommendations for the development of the official statistics in the country.

In October 2022, in agreement with GOPA (Germany) as a part of the EU funded project, the State Data Agency hosted a study visit of Turkstat experts on producing register-based labour force statistics within the scope of the 2020 census round.

In close cooperation with TAIEX bureau, a study visit of the representatives of the Statistical Office of the North Macedonia was organized at the State Data Agency in October 2022. The main topic of the study visit was integration of data of the administrative sources for statistical purposes.

In November 2022, in cooperation with DevStat (Spain), the State Data Agency conducted online training course “Activity and Product Classifications: Description, Use and Implementation”, which was organized within the framework of the EU project for ENP-East and Central Asia countries. 27 participants from the said countries took part in the course.

In December 2022, a delegation of the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the State Data Agency. The visit was organized on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of statistics signed between the State Data Agency and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 5 June 2012. The study visit focused on energy statistics and SDG indicators, and a parallel session presented the new Law on Official Statistics and the State Data Governance.

Document updated: 2023-01-09