In 2022, against 2021, the number of recipients of state social insurance unemployment benefits decreased by 8.5 per cent.
Based on provisional data, at the beginning of September 2023, 2 million 867 thousand residents were living in Lithuania, which is by 9.7 thousand more than at the beginning of the year.
In II quarter 2023, average gross mounthly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises included) totalled EUR 1,987.8 and, against I quarter 2023, increased by 2 per cent.

In II quarter 2023, against the same quarter of 2022, labour costs per hour worked in industrial, construction and service enterprises (individual enterprises included), calendar adjusted, increased by 12.5 per cent, of which in business enterprises – 12.7 per cent.

In September 2023 the minimum monthly wage is EUR 840, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 5.14.
2023-09-22 Changes in industry In August 2023, industrial production totalled EUR 3 billion at current prices and, compared to July, seasonally and calendar adjusted, increased by 3.8 per cent at constant prices (unadjusted –12.1 per cent).
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