In March 2023, electricity resources, compared to the same period in 2022, increased by 12.1, motor gasoline – 5.1 per cent.
In I quarter 2023, investments in long-term tangible assets in the country amounted to EUR 2.2 billion and, compared to I quarter 2022, increased by 26.6 per cent at comparable prices.
In April  2023, against April 2022, purchase prices of agricultural products decreased by 23.8 per cent. 
In October 2022, in the Capital Region,  there were more female employees than men (women – 266 thousand, men – 260 thousand), and in the Central and Western Lithuania Region, fewer women than men (women – 322 thousand, men –339 thousand).
In April 2023, the number of dismissed employees amounted to 42.9 thousand and, against March 2023, decreased by 2.5 thousand, the number of hired employees stood at 48.9 thousand, which was by 0.4 thousand less than in the previous month.
2023-05-26 Turnover of retail trade and catering enterprises In April, the turnover of retail trade enterprises increased by 0.1 per cent, that of food and beverage service enterprises decreased by 2.6 per cent.
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