In III quarter 2023, against II quarter 2023, the average number of employees in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) decreased by 748 employees (0.1 per cent).

In December 2023 the minimum monthly wage is EUR 840, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 5.14.

In III quarter 2023, average gross hourly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) totalled EUR 12.08 and, against II quarter 2023, increased by 0.9 per cent.
In October 2023, the number of overnight stays in accommodation establishments totalled 598.2 thousand, or by 1.9 per cent less than a year ago. 
In III quarter 2023, employees of 211 education institutions organised a branch-level warning strike with participation of 4,723 employees.
2023-12-04 Earnings in regions and municipalities In III quarter 2023, in the Capital Region, average gross monthly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) amounted to EUR 2,218.1 and, compared to II quarter 2023, decreased by 0.1 per cent. In the Central and Western Lithuania Region, gross earnings amounted to EUR 1,852.3 and, over a quarter, grew by 1.8 per cent. In III quarter 2023, gross earnings gap between these regions was EUR 365.8 and, over a quarter, decreased by EUR 34.5.