In January 2024, the number of overnight stays in the accommodation establishments totalled 462 thousand, which is by 2.4 per cent less than a year ago. The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists totalled 178.6 thousand (3.2 per cent more), of Lithuania’s residents – 283.4 thousand (5.6 per cent less).

In February 2024, against January, the economic sentiment indicator, i.e. confidence of economic actors – producers, consumers and investors – in Lithuania’s economy, remained almost unchanged (increased from -9.1 to -8.9 per cent).

At the end of January 2024, the debt of the central government amounted to EUR 26.6 billion and, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, increased by 5.1 per cent.




In 2020-2022, 31.1 per cent of all innovative enterprises used tax incentives for innovation activities. In 2022, expenditure for innovative activities amounted to EUR 1 billion 557 million.

In IV quarter 2023, against III quarter 2023, seasonally and calendar adjusted, the largest increase in turnover was observed for air transport (36.6 per cent), while decrease – warehousing and support activities for transportation (4.7 per cent), accommodation (3.8 per cent), as well as travel agency.

2024-02-28 The February inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) The annual (February 2024, compared to February 2023) inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the HICP stands at 1.1 per cent. In February, the average annual inflation provisional estimate calculated based on HICP stands at 6 per cent.