Against April 2024, consumer confidence varied widely between age groups, with 21 for 16–29 year olds and 1 for those 65 and older (in April, 16 and minus 2 respectively).
In 2023, average gross hourly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) totalled EUR 12.11 and, against 2022, increased by 12.3 per cent

In March 2024, the turnover (VAT excluded) of service enterprises amounted to EUR 3 billion 415 million at current prices, and against February 2024, seasonally and calendar adjusted, increased by 3.8 per cent.


In April 2024, against the same period of 2023, the amount of organic raw milk (actual fat content) purchased increased by 6.53 per cent, the price – by 9.26 per cent.

In I quarter 2024, compared to the same period in 2023, the share of cargo transported by road transport increased by 15.8, cargo transport turnover – 8.8 per cent.

2024-05-29 The May inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) The annual (May 2024, compared to May 2023) inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the HICP stands at 0.8 per cent. In May, the average annual inflation provisional estimate calculated based on HICP stands at 3 per cent.