In April 2023 the minimum monthly wage is EUR 840, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 5.14.

At the end of the academic year 2022–2023, there were 715 preschool establishments operating in the country, and 426 general education schools had preschool education groups integrated. 
In February 2023, the number of overnight stays in the accommodation establishments totalled 386.5 thousand, which is by 2.2 per cent less than a year ago. The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists totalled 138.4 thousand (by 1.3 times more), of Lithuania’s residents – 248.1 thousand (by 13.4 per cent less).

In January 2023, liquefied petroleum gas resources, compared to the same period in 2022, increased by 44.4 per cent, while crude oil resources decreased by 2.1 per cent. Motor gasoline and road transport diesel resources increased by 12.8 and 6.3 per cent respectively.

Statistical information on production for 2022 has been published presenting the quantities of products produced and sold by Lithuanian producers in kind and value terms.
2023-03-31 Business tendency survey results and economic sentiment indicator n March 2023, compared to February, the economic sentiment indicator, i.e. confidence of economic actors – producers, consumers and investors – in Lithuania's economy, increased from -6.5 to -5.9 per cent. The construction confidence indicator increased from -10.5 to -6.8, consumer – from -3.4 to -0.7, industry – from -16.8 to -15.4, retail trade – from 3 to 3.2. The services confidence indicator decreased from 4.1 to 2.1.
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