Statistical information on production for 2022 has been published presenting the quantities of products produced and sold by Lithuanian producers in kind and value terms.

In February 2023, the number of passengers who arrived at and departed from Lithuanian airports amounted to 369.4 thousand, which is by 45.7 per cent more than in the same period last year.

In February 2023, the amount of goods handled in Klaipėda State Seaport and Būtingė Terminal totalled 3.2 million tonnes, and compared to the respective period of 2022, decreased by 15.7 per cent.

In February 2023, the number of dismissed employees amounted to 37.9 thousand and, against January 2023, decreased by 7.8 thousand, the number of hired employees stood at 40.7 thousand, which was by 6.3 thousand less than in the previous month.

Paskerstų gyvulių ir paukščių mėsos perdirbimo įmonėse, cechuose ir skerdyklose skaičiai, palyginti su 2021 m., sumažėjo. 17,1 proc. padidėjo tik paskerstų jaunų galvijų skaičius ir sudarė 0,851 tūkst.
2023-03-17 Goods transport In IV quarter 2022, goods transport by all modes of transport amounted to 31.2 million tonnes, which is by 24 per cent less than in the same period of 2021.
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