Based on provisional data, at the beginning of December 2023, 2 million 869 thousand residents were living in Lithuania, which is by 12.4 thousand more than at the beginning of the year.

In III quarter 2023, against the same quarter of 2022, labour costs per hour worked in industrial, construction and service enterprises (individual enterprises included), calendar adjusted, increased by 11 per cent.

In III quarter 2023, against II quarter 2023, the average number of employees in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) decreased by 748 employees (0.1 per cent).

In December 2023 the minimum monthly wage is EUR 840, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 5.14.

In III quarter 2023, average gross hourly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) totalled EUR 12.08 and, against II quarter 2023, increased by 0.9 per cent.
2023-12-08 Business in Lithuania (presentation of edition 2023) We would like to announce that publication “Business in Lithuania” has been prepared. “Business in Lithuania” is a digital publication that provides the most relevant statistical information about enterprises operating in Lithuania, changes in their number, activities performed, turnover and value added generated. For the convenience of the readers, links to the Database of Indicators that present statistical indicators on the respective topic are also provided.
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