32 student teams participate in the European Statistics Competition

The European Statistics Competition is gaining momentum. Students of the eighth–twelfth gymnasium classes are taking active part in this interesting and useful event. By 10 January 2020, teams made up of a tutor and of 2 to 3 students registered for participation in the competition. A total of 32 teams, 89 students registered online.

Employees of the Statistics Lithuania are actively visiting schools in all parts of Lithuania, and provide detailed information on the course of the competition and a wide variety of statistical indicators. Today Statistics Lithuania‘s competition team is visiting Radviliškis Lizdeika Gymnasium.

The foregoing competition has been organised by Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Union) for three years, national statistical institutions have willingly joined this initiative. General objectives of the European Statistics Competition are to promote statistical literacy, curiosity and interest in official statistics among students and teachers.

The competition is conducted on the National and European levels. The winning team and finalist teams with the highest scores of each category will be eligible to participate in the European phase of the competition. The national phase of the competition will be conducted in Lithuanian, and the national phase of the competition – in Lithuanian.

National competition is organised during the school year 2019–2020, and the European final – in May 2020.