COVID-19 statistics – oficial and in real time

Statistics Lithuania has updated and complemented the interactive map set for accurate showing of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak:

What is offered now in the map?

COVID-19 information – the latest cases, tests performed, etc. (© Vilnius University)

COVID-19 spread in Vilnius (© Vilnius City Municipality)

Demographic and certain chronic disease morbidity statistics (© Statistics Lithuania, the Institute of Hygiene)

Health care resources (© Institute of Hygiene)

Detailed (pointed) data on care and social services (© Statistics Lithuania)

Detailed (pointed) data of the private and public sectors, directly affected by quarantine (© Statistics Lithuania)

Enterprises and their affiliates (local units), directly affected by quarantine (© Statistics Lithuania)

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases (© CSSE at JHU)

All information contained therein is official, reliable, most accurate and up-to-date; you are kindly invited to use it as the key data source.

How to embed into your website, account, etc.?

Sharing icons are on the right of the upper band of the map application.

Link through a special panel (attached hereto); for another format, please contact us at

What will come forward soon?

In the near future, we are going to combine data of the 2020 beginning pilot population census with dynamic and swift COVID-19 statistics. In the detailed (1 km grid) maps, you will have the possibility to see the most recent advance information of the total population by age and sex along with the timely data on COVID-19 spread.

Detailed data contained in the maps will also be available by open data files.

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