Statistics Lithuania is ready to share experience on production of high-quality statistics with Belstat

A joint tender by Denmark, Finland and Lithuania has won a contract for a Twinning project in Belarus. Statistics Lithuania, as a junior partner, has committed itself to share expertise with colleagues of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, Belstat.

This two-year project will strengthen the preconditions for producing high-quality data for decision-makers in Belarus. The objective is to support construction of a data warehouse for administrative datasets, to offer and develop tools to achieve production of high-quality statistical data. It is also envisaged that compilation of statistics is improved, international and European statistical practices are shared.

The Danish statistical office (Statistics Denmark) will be responsible for the entire project organizational issues. All three participating countries will share responsibilities for specific sectors of the project. Statistics Lithuania proposed the contribution of two experienced experts as component’s leaders (for Component 2: Tools for assessing the quality of administrative data and Component 4: SDMX format for data dissemination and sharing).


The project partners and experts of all national statistical offices are ready to start actual project activities; however, owing to the situation in the world related to coronavirus, the project launch date is not yet fixed.