Training course on the business registers within the framework of “Statistics through Eastern Partnership” programme

Implementing Statistics through Eastern Partnership programe (STEP) in the frame of the project “Business Statistics: SBR and Business Demography Statistics”, on 28–31 january. Training Course on the EU Business Registers Regulation and Recommendations Manual for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine is held at Statistics Lithuania.

This training course is aimed at ensuring knowledge and appropriation of the major features of the EU Regulation and Recommendations manual on statistical business registers within the partner countries’ national statistical institutes. It also allows to take stock of the situation and difficulties faced in all partner countries with regard to the development, management and updating of the statistical business register, to agree on regional guidelines for the organisation of statistical business registers aligned with the EU Regulation and to define national roadmaps for the development of SBR aligned with this Regulation and the EU Recommendations manual.

Key expert Mr Thierry Coulet, 12 participants from the NSIs of Eastern Partnership countries and 2 Short term experts from Statistics Lithuania take part in this training course.