List of services

Tel. +370 689 76 725, +370 655 42 038

State Data Agency provides statistical information on individual request (enquiry). Individual request (enquiry) is a request by a user to provide him/her with a certain piece of statistical information, submitted via the Official Statistics Portal.

A response to the request (enquiry) is prepared by the divisions of State Data Agency within the area of their competence. Statistical information collected, processed and published under the Official Statistics Work Programme on the Official Statistics Portal is available free of charge

The service is intended to create prerequisites for the reuse of health data of Lithuanian residents, managed in state, departmental or other information systems or registers.

Health data is reused only with a permission to reuse health data issued by State Data Agency. Requests for permission may be submitted by natural and legal persons, other organizations, divisions of legal persons and other organizations conducting economic activities in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, seeking to reuse health data.

Law on Reuse of Health Data of the Republic of Lithuania (2021, No. 27365)

Resolution on the implementation of the Law on Reuse of Health Data of the Republic of Lithuania (2022, No. 195)

To apply for permission to reuse health data, please contact:
tel. +370 655 42 038, e-mail Mrs.

Document updated: 2023-02-02