Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP 2018)

Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose, 2018 version (COICOP 2018)

It is an international classification, one of the functional classifications used in the System of National Accounts. It is used to classify individual consumption expenditure of the following three institutional sectors: households, non-profit institutions serving households, and general government. It is also used in household budgets surveys, calculation of consumer price indicators, comparisons of GDPs and their components in different countries.

The United Nations Statistical Commission is responsible for the development and maintenance of COICOP.

In March 2018, the 49th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission considered and endorsed the revised COICOP classification – COICOP 2018 as the internationally accepted standard.

In Lithuania, the classifier is managed according to Resolution No. 247 of  3 March 2005  of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania "On the management and use of international and national classifications in state registers and information systems" (only in Lithuanian).

Document updated: 2024-04-15