Nomenclature of countries and territories

1. The version of the Nomenclature of Countries and Territories for the External Trade Statistics of the Community and Statistics of Trade between Member States valid since 1 January 2021 is provided in the annex to this regulation

2. The Nomenclature of Countries and Territories is provided in  PDF format.

3. Country and territory codes: ISO-3166.

4. The Interinstitutional Style Guide, Annex A5, provides a List of Countries, Territories and Currencies, in line with the ISO. It provides convenient access to full and short country names, country capitals (administrative centres), currencies and their codes in official EU languages, including Lithuanian.

This Guide represents an achievement in linguistic harmonisation unique in its field. It is intended to serve as a reference tool for written works for all EU institutions, bodies and organisations. Its development required the establishment of an interinstitutional steering committee, which designated representatives for each institution and for each language.

Document updated: 2021-01-21