The influenza and COVID-19 disease vaccination scoreboard will allow to monitor vaccination rates

On the initiative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (MH), the State Data Agency (Statistics Lithuania) has created a cold season vaccination scoreboard, which allows us to monitor how actively population is vaccinated against influenza and the COVID-19 disease. The scoreboard is available to all residents, and it will also be useful for medical institutions. It will provide detailed data on the vaccination of population, which will allow the rate of vaccination to be assessed.

You can find the scoreboard HERE.

The scoreboard displays data on how many residents were vaccinated against influenza and the COVID-19 disease daily and during the entire cold season, data is grouped by municipality, population age and gender, and medical institution. Data opening is important for increasing transparency and clarity in the vaccination process.

Goal of the scoreboard is to have publicly available information that allows reducing morbidity and mortality from vaccine-preventable diseases. The initial version of the scoreboard is currently being published. It will be continuously updated with statistics on risk groups, insights into vaccine effectiveness and potential adverse effects.

This season, 185,000 people have already been vaccinated against flu, and almost 34,000 – against COVID-19.

"This year, there is a high level of population activity in vaccinating against flu and the COVID-19 disease. The scoreboard will become an important tool for medical facilities and health policy makers to find ways to further encourage the population to get vaccinated. It is also important for the residents themselves to be informed and to see the public's level of immunization. We hope that this will help those who are hesitant to make up their minds and register for vaccination," states Ginreta Megelinskienė, Adviser of the Health Promotion Division of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania.

Based on the data of the National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, over September and October of this year, 75 per cent of seasonal influenza vaccines purchased from the state budget have already been used, so it's time to hurry up and get vaccinated. We would like to remind you that people belonging to risk groups (65 years and older residents, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, employees of medical institutions) are vaccinated against flu from state funds, and also all Lithuanian residents are vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease from state funds. You can get vaccinated against both diseases during one visit to the doctor, the injections are given in different hands. You can register for vaccination at your medical institution. It is also possible to register for vaccination against the COVID-19 disease online.

More information on vaccination against influenza and COVID-19 can be found HERE.