Meeting with the Maltesers – each December month tradition

At the beginning of December, representatives of the Order of Malta visited the State Data Agency (Statistics Lithuania) and served "Maltesers’ soup" - a campaign that has become a tradition, inviting people to come together to help others who are experiencing difficulties.

The first ladle of soup was symbolically poured in by Daiva Jurelevičienė, First Deputy Director General of the State Data Agency. Edvinas Regelskis, Secretary General of the Maltesers, took part in the event and spoke about fostered older people.

It is not the first year that the Agency's employees have met the Maltesers - for many of us, December is already associated with the Christmas fair, where cakes baked by our colleagues, Christmas decorations and other souvenirs are sold. All donations from food and items sold go to the charity organisation. Compared to last year, this year's support has tripled: a total of more than EUR 800 was donated.

We value this mutual friendship, and are very happy to contribute to the realization of this noble goal.

The relief service of the Order of Malta in Lithuania (Maltesers) is part of the oldest charity organization in the world - the Order of Malta, which provides assistance to the needy in as many as 120 countries. The Maltesers mission is to help the most vulnerable people and ensure their dignity.