Results of the 2021 Population and Housing Census of the Republic of Lithuania




In 2021, Statistics Lithuania carried out the Population and Housing Census.

The Population and Housing Census is conducted every ten years. The Census reference point is 1 January 2021. The Census captured a comprehensive picture of the resident population, households and housing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, during the quarantine.

The Population and Housing Census 2021 marks a new milestone in the history of censuses, as it is the first digitised national census carried out by a team of just a handful of staff, while the Census 2011 was carried out by around 7,000 employees. The 2021 Population and Housing Census cost about EUR 1.36 million, which is almost 6 times less than the Census 2011.

This time the Census was carried out on the basis of administrative sources by using 19 main state registers and information systems. In order to ensure the efficient use of state funds, the usual method where the residents provide data about themselves by answering the questions on the census sheet was abandoned. The interviewers no longer visited the respondents.

As information on the population religion, ethnicity and mother tongue is not available in the state registers, an additional statistical survey was conducted. A total of 171 thousand people were interviewed. The survey data were combined with the Census results.

In accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations and Regulation (EC) No 763/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008 on population and housing censuses, population and housing censuses are conducted in all Member States in the same year, every ten years. In 2021, the population and housing censuses were carried out by all Member States.

We invite you to get acquainted with visualised statistical information on the population of Lithuania. The publication provides the key statistical information on the size and composition of the population, population mobility, household and family education, and housing.


Dr. Jūratė Petrauskienė
Director General of Statistics Lithuania

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