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  • Animal production

    2024-03-01 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    In 2025, against 2024, cattle slaughtering (including exports and imports) is projected to increase by 5.65 per cent.
    Slaughtering of pigs (including their dispatch and importation) in I-II quarters 2025 is projected to decrease by 5.17 per cent, against the same period in 2024.

  • Crop production

    2024-03-01 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    In 2023, against 2022, the harvest of sugar beet and potatoes increased by 43 and 24.1 per cent respectively, and amounted to 1,041.2 and 287.8 thousand tonnes respectively.
    In 2023, against 2022, the harvest of field vegetables and rapeseed decreased by 6.6 and 9 per cent respectively, and amounted to 216.3 and 815 thousand tonnes respectively.

  • Minimum monthly wage

    2024-03-01 | Population and social statistics

    In March 2024, the minimum monthly wage is EUR 924, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 5.65.


  • Cogeneration

    2024-03-01 | Environmental protection and energy

    In 2022, electricity generated and thermal energy produced by high efficiency cogeneration method, when at least 10 per cent of primary energy is saved during production, amounted to 1,019 GWh and 3,126 GWh respectively.

  • Earnings

    2024-03-01 | Population and social statistics

    In IV quarter 2023, average gross hourly earnings in the whole economy (individual enterprises excluded) totalled EUR 13.07 and, against III quarter 2023, increased by 8.2 per cent: in the public sector amounted to EUR 13.97 and increased by 14.3 per cent, in the private sector – EUR 12.69 and increased by 5.6 per cent.

  • Statistics on accommodation services

    2024-02-29 | Transport and communication

    In January 2024, the number of overnight stays in the accommodation establishments totalled 462 thousand, which is by 2.4 per cent less than a year ago. The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists totalled 178.6 thousand (3.2 per cent more), of Lithuania’s residents – 283.4 thousand (5.6 per cent less).
    In January 2024, room occupancy rate in hotels and motels stood at 46.1, and compared to the same period in 2023, decreased by 0.04 percentage point, bed occupancy rate accounted for 35.2 per cent and increased by 5.8 percentage points.

  • Business tendency survey results and economic sentiment indicator

    2024-02-29 | Business statistics

    In February 2024, against January, the economic sentiment indicator, i.e. confidence of economic actors – producers, consumers and investors – in Lithuania’s economy, remained almost unchanged (increased from -9.1 to -8.9 per cent). The retail trade confidence indicator grew from -2.4 to 0, industry – from -8.8 to -7.7 per cent. The construction and consumer confidence indicator remained almost unchanged (construction increased from -22 to -21.7, consumer – from 2.9 to 3.1 per cent). The services confidence indicator decreased from -16.5 to -17.9 per cent.
    Compared to February 2023, economic sentiment indicator decreased by 2.4 percentage points. The servises confidence indicator decreased by 22, construction – 11.2, retail trade – 3 percentage points. The industry confidence indicator increased by 9.1, consumer – 6.5 percentage points.

  • General government deficit and debt

    2024-02-29 | Economy and finance (macroeconomics)

    At the end of January 2024, the debt of the central government amounted to EUR 26.6 billion and, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, increased by 5.1 per cent.
    Debt to foreign creditors accounted for 63.5 per cent, debt to domestic creditors – 36.5 per cent.