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  • Crop production

    2022-07-01 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    It is projected that in 2022 the area of cereals will amount to 1 million 508.9 thousand ha, rape - 330 thousand ha, sugar beet - 13 thousand ha.

  • Minimum monthly wage

    2022-07-01 | Population and social statistics

    In July 2022 the minimum monthly wage is EUR 730, the minimum hourly pay – EUR 4.47.

  • Indicators of accommodation establishments

    2022-06-30 | Business statistics

    In May 2022, the number of overnight stays in accommodation establishments amounted to 656.1 thousand, or 1.9 times more than last year. Overnight stays of foreigners amounted to 248.1 thousand, or 4.6 times more, of the country's population - 408 thousand, or 1.4 times more.

    In May 2022, room occupancy in hotels and motels accounted for 58.2 per cent and, compared to last year, increased by 29.1 percentage points, seat occupancy accounted for 43.3 per cent, and increased by 21.3 percentage points.

  • Fuel and energy resources

    2022-06-27 | Environmental protection and energy

    In April 2022, crude oil reserves, compared to the same period in 2021, increased more than 2 times, motor gasoline - 14.6 per cent, liquefied petroleum gas - 5.8 per cent. Road diesel and electricity sources  decreased by 11.5 and 2.1 per cent respectively. Natural gas resources decreased by 29.8 per cent.

  • Education finance

    2022-06-23 | Population and social statistics

    In 2021, funds received by the country's educational establishments amounted to EUR 2.6 billion, which is by  EUR 267 million or 12 per cent more than in 2020. In 2021, the average cost per person in educational institution was EUR 4,364.

  • Purchase prices of agricultural products

    2022-06-23 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    In May 2022, against May 2021, purchase prices of agricultural products increased by 67.3 per cent. Purchase prices of crop products grew by 74.9 per cent, livestock and livestock products – 55 per cent.

  • 2022-06-23 | Domestic violence

    2022-06-23 | Population and social statistics

    In 2021, 360 persons were treated in the inpatient emergency department due to domestic violence, or by 9.6 per cent less than in 2020 (in 2020, 398 persons).

  • Maritime transport

    2022-06-22 | Transport and communication

    In May 2022, the number of passengers who arrived at and departed from Lithuanian airports amounted to 526.8 thousand, which is 6 times more than in the same period last year.

    In May 2022, the amount of goods handled in Klaipėda State Seaport and Būtingė Terminal totalled 3.1 million tonnes, and compared to the respective period of 2021, decreased by 29.3 per cent.