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  • Vocational training

    2024-04-12 | Population and social statistics

    At the beginning of the 2023–2024 academic year, 27.7 thousand students studied in vocational education institutions according to initial vocational training programs, which is by 1 thousand (3.6 per cent) more than in the 2022–2023 academic year.
    In 2023, 14.6 thousand students were admitted to vocational training institutions (in 2022, 13.7 thousand).
    13.7 thousand, or almost half (48.1 per cent) of all students, aim to obtain secondary education along with profession.
    In 2023, vocational training institutions prepared 8.5 thousand qualified specialists, including mainly specialists in the field of engineering (2.1 thousand), services to persons (1.6 thousand), architecture and construction (1 thousand). In 2023, 3.1 thousand graduates received maturity certificates along with the profession.

  • Changes in construction input prices

    2024-04-12 | Economy and finance (macroeconomics)

    Construction input materials and articles price index forecast for March – 121.8.
    In March 2024, against February, construction input materials and articles price index increased by 0.04 per cent. Over a year (March 2024, against March 2023), it decreased by 2.2 per cent.

  • Structure and production of aquaculture enterprises

    2024-04-12 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    In 2022–2023, the volume of aquaculture production produced and marketed for consumption by Lithuanian aquaculture farms decreased by 16.2 per cent and amounted to 3.73 thousand tonnes, the value thereof decreased by 10.3 per cent and amounted to EUR 16.68 million.
    In 2023, sales volumes were by 5.3 per cent lower compared to the multi-year average of aquaculture production for consumption in 2013–2022; the value of production exceeded the long-term average by 42.8 per cent.
    In 2022–2023, the average annual number of employees in the aquaculture sector decreased by 2.8 per cent and totalled 419.

  • Labor costs

    2024-04-11 | Population and social statistics

    In 2023, the average monthly labour costs in enterprises of industry, construction and services totalled EUR 2,148 and, against 2022, increased by 12.4 per cent (EUR 236).
  • Culture

    2024-04-11 | Population and social statistics

    In 2023, 1 million 351 thousand people visited performances in Lithuanian theatres (in 2023, 1 million 322 thousand), state theatres were visited by 679 thousand, non-state theatres – by 672 thousand viewers (in 2022, 626 thousand and 696 thousand respectively).
    In 2023, the number of museum visitors grew to 5 million 757 thousand, or by 789 thousand visits more than in 2022.
    In 2023, 215 tours and educational sessions were held in the archives.

  • Higher education

    2024-04-10 | Population and social statistics

    In the 2023–2024 academic year, compared to the 2022–2023 academic year, the number of students studying at universities increased by 1,136 students (1.58 per cent), while the number of students at colleges decreased by 645 students (2.09 per cent).
    In 2023, 7,033 graduates were awarded professional bachelor's degrees in colleges. At the universities, 7,715 students received a bachelor's degree, 6,650 received a master's degree, and 355 received a doctorate in science (art). 853 graduates completed professional studies and obtained professional qualifications (468 completed residency, 385 – pedagogical studies).

  • Harvest of agricultural crop

    2024-04-05 | Agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing

    In 2023, the crop area amounted to 2 million 204.1 thousand ha, which is by 0.7 per cent more than in 2022.

  • Social protection of children

    2024-04-05 | Population and social statistics

    In 2023, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania adopted 54 children (in 2022, 59), foreign citizens – 6 children (in 2022, 7).
    At the end of 2023, the number of children available for adoption totalled 0.8 thousand, or one-tenth less than at the end of 2022. The largest decrease in the number of children available for adoption was observed in the 10–14 age group (35 per cent) and 4–6 age group (11 per cent).
    At the end of 2023, there were 204 families registered in the register of citizens of the Republic of Lithuania wishing to adopt a child and living in the Republic of Lithuania (in the same period of 2022, the number of such families stood at 230).