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  • Indicators of accommodation establishments

    2023-03-30 | Business statistics

    In February 2023, the number of overnight stays in the accommodation establishments totalled 386.5 thousand, which is by 2.2 per cent less than a year ago. The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists totalled 138.4 thousand (by 1.3 times more), of Lithuania’s residents – 248.1 thousand (by 13.4 per cent less).

    In February 2023, room occupancy rate in hotels and motels stood at 49.4 per cent, and compared to the last year, increased by 9.4 percentage points, bed occupancy rate stood at 38.4 per cent and increased by 6.4  percentage points.

  • Culture

    2023-03-28 | Population and social statistics

    In 2022, the number of cinema screenings increased by 50.1 per cent, and based on provisional data, the number of cinema goers more than doubled compared to 2021.

    In 2022, 55 films were produced in Lithuania. Most of them were documentaries (24) and feature films (12).

    In 2022, there were by 14 per cent more hours of original information programmes broadcast on TV and by 6.8 per cent more hours of cultural programmes on radio.

  • Monthly energy indicators

    2023-03-27 | Environmental protection and energy

    In January 2023, liquefied petroleum gas resources, compared to the same period in 2022, increased by 44.4 per cent, while crude oil resources decreased by 2.1 per cent. Motor gasoline and road transport diesel resources increased by 12.8 and 6.3 per cent respectively. During the above-mentioned period, electricity resources decreased by 11.8 per cent, natural gas – by 26.1 per cent.

  • Production of commodities

    2023-03-21 | Business statistics

    Statistical information on production for 2022 has been published presenting the quantities of products produced and sold by Lithuanian producers in kind and value terms.

    Information on produced and sold products was provided by around 3,300 Lithuanian companies representing the production of products in Lithuanian industrial and non-industrial enterprises producing industrial products. The products are classified according to the Classification of Products and Services.

  • Air transport

    2023-03-20 | Transport and communication

    In February 2023, the number of passengers who arrived at and departed from Lithuanian airports amounted to 369.4 thousand, which is by 45.7 per cent more than in the same period last year.

  • Maritime transport

    2023-03-20 | Transport and communication

    In February 2023, the amount of goods handled in Klaipėda State Seaport and Būtingė Terminal totalled 3.2 million tonnes, and compared to the respective period of 2022, decreased by 15.7 per cent.

  • Dismissed and hired employees

    2023-03-17 | Population and social statistics

    In February 2023, the number of dismissed employees amounted to 37.9 thousand and, against January 2023, decreased by 7.8 thousand, the number of hired employees stood at 40.7 thousand, which was by 6.3 thousand less than in the previous month.

  • Earnings (experimental statistics)

    2023-03-15 | General statistics

    In January 2023, average gross (before employee tax) monthly earnings (individual enterprises excluded) in the whole economy amounted to EUR 1,926.7 and, against January 2022, increased by 13.7 per cent.

    Over the year, average net monthly earnings (after taxes) in the whole economy increased by 12.4 per cent and totalled to EUR 1,199.4.

    In January 2023, against January 2022, index of real earnings in the whole economy totalled 93.7 per cent.

    Monthly statistical information on earnings (experimental statistics) is prepared on the basis of administrative sources.