About classifications

Classification is a systematised list of objects or groups (classes) of objects intended for the grouping of data, which includes codes, names and descriptions of features of these objects or groups of objects, arranged in a certain pattern.

Classifications are used in data collection, accumulation, grouping, analysis, comparisons at national and international levels. In order to reduce information production costs and ensure its comparability, the process of the development, updating and harmonisation of classifications is given assiduous attention. As technological IT possibilities are expanding, integrated information systems are created, a need for a common classification system arises. Such a system can be created only through developing new and harmonising existing classifications in accordance with an established procedure.

The implementation of an international statistical classification system in Lithuania started in 1992, as Lithuania's aspiration for EU membership bound us to familiarise ourselves with and use international classifications for the production and release of statistics, thus ensuring their comparability and quality. An integrated international classification system covers economic, social and other (environmental, regional, etc.) classifications, interrelated with each other through different links and enabling one to ensure the comparability of statistical information from various domains.

In pursuance of Resolution No 247 of 3 March 2005 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Statistics Lithuania established a Central Classification Database (CCDB), containing national and international classifications, their descriptions, links, managers' contacts. One can download a classification from the CCDB and perform search by code, word or phrase. The CCDB contains more than 30 classifications.

Due to the structure or management peculiarities, some classifications managed by other institutions were not included in the CCDB.

The CCDB is managed by the Methodology and Standards Division of Statistics Lithuania.

Tel. +370 613 31 730

E-mail klasifikatoriai@stat.gov.lt

For more information about various international classifications, their development and usage, related concepts and other useful methodological material, see here:

Document updated: 2023-09-29