The population of Lithuania (edition 2022)

About the publication


Population of Lithuania is a digital publication that provides statistical information about the structure and demographic development of the Lithuanian population: birth and death rates, marriages, divorces, international and internal migration.

Information on the statistical information provided in the publication:

Statistical information presented in this digital publication is, for convenience of readers, with the adjacent references to the tables of the Database of Indicators or other sources that provide the most relevant statistical indicators on an appropriate topic.

Key sources of statistical information on birth and death rates, marriages, divorces, international and internal migration – data of the Population Register of the Republic of Lithuania. The publication presents data provided by the Institute of Hygiene, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

The publication provides the resident population at the beginning of 2022 calculated based on the results of the 2021 Population and Housing Census of the Republic of Lithuania, at the beginning of 2021 – the 2021 Census data. The resident population and demographic indicators for 2012–2020 have not been recalculated.

Publication structure:


Population of the country

Population and its composition

Urban and rural residents

Aging of population



Crude mortality rates

Causes of death

Infant mortality

Life expectancy at birth

Marriages and divorces



Migration of the population

International migration

Internal migration

Concepts and methodical information

About the publication

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