Statistics Lithuania is ready to assist pupils and teachers through the quarantine

Statistics Lithuania can provide a wide range of information that may be used for learning at home. In the official statistics portal section for pupils you will find interactive tasks, image lesson and e-school, most probably, earlier well-known to the majority of you.

Statistics Lithuania offers to teachers and pupils to use tasks that have been prepared for the European Statistics Competition. You will find the aforementioned tasks in the document attached hereto (in PDF* format).

The tasks are intended for 8–12 grade pupils, and may be performed both either with the help of the teacher or without it.

Every week, from Wednesday to Wednesday, we will publish easier (simpler) quizzes in Kahoot app. You will find a quiz by clicking on the link, or on the Kahoot platform, directly, using the following code: 0486196.

We also propose to remember a virtual lesson that was recorded 2 years ago: 

Interactive statistical publications allow you to analyse life in Lithuania and its regions. They are useful for diversifying Mathematics, Economics, Geography and History lessons.

These publications are provided in the Lithuanian and English languages, therefore they might also be useful for studying English. After choosing another language, you will find the same version in the English language.

Women and Men in the Baltic States

Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania

Population of Lithuania

Education, Culture and Sports in Lithuania

Regions of Lithuania

Virtual publications of Eurostat ensuring the possibility not only to analyse statistics in an attractive form, but also to solve quizzes.

Key Figures on Europe


Ageing Europe


The life of women and men in Europe

People on the move


You are invited to use this material.