Digital Economy and Society in Lithuania
(edition 2021)

Internet of Things



   Internet of Things in enterprises


At the beginning of 2021, 28.4 per cent of enterprises used Internet of Things (in 2020, 19.4 per cent): 22.5 per cent – for premises’ security, 8.7 per cent – for logistics management, 7.3 per cent – for energy consumption management, 7.6 per cent – for condition-based maintenance, 5.7 per cent – for production processes, 5.3 per cent – for customer service, while 6.5 per cent of enterprises used the Internet of Things devices or systems for other purposes.

Enterprises using Internet of Things, 2021

Created with Highcharts 6.1.4Per cent28.428.422.522. All enterprises 10–49 employees50–249 employees250 employees and over Internet of Things bydevices or systems totalSmart alarm systems,smoke detectors, doorlocks, security camerasfor premises securityMovement ormaintenance sensors forlogistics managementSensors to monitorneeds of machines orvehicles for condition -based maintenanceSmart meters, lamps orthermostats to optimizeenergy consumptionOther Internet of Thingsdevices or systemsSensors or RFID tags tomonitor or automate forproduction processesSmart cameras or sensorsto monitor customers'activities or offer them apersonalised shoppingexperience020406080

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