Digital Economy and Society in Lithuania
(edition 2021)

Cloud computing





At the beginning of 2021, 33.6 per cent of enterprises purchased cloud computing services (in 2020, 30.8 per cent). Email – as a cloud computing service – was used by 27, office software – 17, database hosting – 14.1, storage of files – 19.6, finance and accounting software – 15.6, customer relationship management software – 5.8, ensuring IT capacity for the functioning of own software – 11.2 per cent of enterprises.

Enterprises purchasing cloud computing services via the Internet, 2021

Created with Highcharts 6.1.4Per centPer cent33.633.627.027.019.619.617.017.015.615.614. All enterprises10–49 employees50–249 employees250 employees and over Total use of cloud computing servises over the InternetEmailStorage of filesOffice softwareFinance or accounting softwareEnterprise database hostingComputing power to run enterprise’s own softwareCustomer relationship management software05101520253035404550556065707580

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