Labour Market in Lithuania (edition 2022)

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“Labour market in Lithuania” is a digital publication that presents the key statistical indicators on the population’s employment, unemployment, earnings, labour costs, strikes, as well as other information on labour market in Lithuania and the European Union.

Information on the statistical information provided in the publication:

For the convenience of the readers, the links to the tables of the Database of Indicators or other sources that present the statistical indicators on the respective topic are also provided.

Statistical information sources: Database of Indicators, Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat).

Insignificant deviations due to rounding are possible.



Employment, unemployment and job vacancies

Economic activity of the population



Job vacancies

Earnings, labour costs and strikes

Number of employees

Earnings, working time and labour costs


Methodical information


Relative standard errors and confidence intervals of statistical estimates


About the publication

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