Education and Culture in Lithuania
(edition 2022)

Cultural heritage


Photo by Julius Dūdėnas

In 2021, 2,327 immovable monuments, 95 movable monuments and 8,494 movable cultural values were protected in Lithuania. The immovable cultural values amounted to almost 26 thousand, with a year-on-year increase of 36 units. At the end of 2021, 8,175 cultural objects have been declared as state-protected cultural values.


Cultural values and cultural heritage monuments

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The latest and detailed data are available in the Database of Indicators


Lithuanian cultural heritage objects included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The Vilnius Historic Centre

Nuotr. Igor Gubaidulin


The Curonian Spit

Nuotr. Aistė Jūrė


Kernavė Archaeological Site

Nuotr. Agnė Svetnickaitė


The Struvė Geodetic Arc

Source: Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

More cultural indicators:

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Movable cultural properties

Immovable cultural properties