Environment, Agriculture and Energy in Lithuania
(edition 2021)







The publication presents the most relevant statistical information about environment, agriculture and energy in Lithuania. Indicators on air quality and pollution, water consumption, waste generation and management, forestry, crop and livestock sectors, gross agricultural production, fuel and energy balance, fuel and energy consumption, renewable energy sources are published.

Statistical information is based on the results of statistical surveys carried out by the Agricultural, Environmental and Energy Statics Division of Statistics Lithuania. Administrative data and statistical information of other official statistics producers have also been used for the publication.

The participants of the statistical surveys are farmers’ and family farms, agricultural companies, cooperative partnerships (cooperatives), and other enterprises registered in accordance with the procedure established by law, as well as other agricultural land users producing agricultural products.

Agricultural companies and enterprises provide statistical reports of various periodicity (quarterly, annual).

Sampling methods are applied to collect data from farmers’ and family farms. In November, after harvest, data on area and harvest of agricultural crops are collected. Statistical information includes farms having less than 1 hectare of agricultural land area. The number of animals is calculated on 1 January, animal production – once a year.

Fuel and energy balance is compiled based on the statistical data provided by legal entities (enterprises) consuming, producing and supplying fuel and energy.

The presented energy balance indicators show the fuel and energy resources of the Republic of Lithuania, their extraction, production, export and import, fuel processing and consumption for electricity and heat production, final fuel and energy consumption in the main economic activities and households.