Digital Economy and Society in Lithuania
(edition 2023)

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“Digital Economy and Society in Lithuania” is a digital publication that provides statistical information on the use of IT in households, the purpose and frequency of the Internet use, reasons why households do not have Internet access, which business sectors use robotic equipment and artificial intelligence technologies, how the country's business uses electronic social media possibilities.

Information on the statistical information provided in the publication:

For the convenience of the readers, the links to the Database of Indicators that presents the statistical indicators on the respective topic are also provided.

Statistical surveys on the ICT use in households and enterprises are partly funded by the European Union. The surveys are carried out on an annual basis according to the common questionnaires prepared by Eurostat.

The data on ICT use in households were collected in April–June 2023 through interviewing 4,590 persons aged 16–74 randomly sampled from the Population Register. Statistical data on ICT use in enterprises have been collected through interviewing of the sampled manufacturing and service enterprises having 10 and more employees. During the survey, the indicators are estimated by themes: use of the Internet and other electronic networks in enterprises, e‑business processes, changes in e‑commerce etc.



Digital society and business

People and business online

Life online

Digital skills for the digital world



E-commerce in enterprises

Internet security and cloud computing

Safe browsing

Cloud computing

Digital environment


Artificial Intelligence

Data utilisation, sharing, analytics and trading


About the publication

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