Health of Population of Lithuania (edition 2020)

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“Health of Population of Lithuania” is a digital publication which presents statistical information on population health status, health care and health determinants based on the data of the Health Interview Survey 2019 and administrative data sources. The survey is carried out in all Members States of the European Union according to the harmonized methodology. The survey was partly funded by the European Union.

Information on the statistical information provided in the publication:

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Population health status

    Self-perceived general health

    Prevalence of selected diseases and chronic conditions

    Physical and sensory functional limitations

    The impact of health disorders and functional limitations on daily activities

Health care

    Use of health services

    Use of medicines

    Preventive practices

Health influencing factors

    Body mass index

    Physical activity

    Dietary habits


    Alcohol consumption

Methodical information

    About the survey

    Quality indicators of estimates

    Concepts and definitions

About the publication

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