Digital Economy and Society in Lithuania
(edition 2020)




   Enterprises sending e‑invoices

In 2019, e‑invoices were sent by 73.4 per cent of enterprises (in 2017, 69.9 per cent). E‑invoices of standard format suitable for automatic processing were sent by 26.7, unsuitable for automatic processing – 66.3 per cent of enterprises (in 2017, 29.4 and 64.1 per cent respectively).

Enterprises sending e-invoices

Created with Highcharts 6.1.4Per cent69.969.929.429.464.164.173.473.426.726.766.366.366.966.926.626.661.461.471. Total by employees10–49 employees50–249 employees250 employees and over2017 E-invoices suitable or notsuitable for automaticprocessing2017Suitable for automaticprocesing2017Not suitable for automaticprocesing2019 E-invoices suitable or notsuitable for automaticprocessing2019Suitable for automaticprocesing2019Not suitable for automaticprocesing0255075100

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