• Naujas detalus gyventojų žemėlapis

    2020-04-03 (Scheduled message, )

    Lietuvos statistikos departamentas, atsižvelgdamas į vartotojų poreikius, skelbia preliminarius gyventojų skaičiaus duomenis pagal gyventojų lytį ir amžiaus grupes, gautus 2020 m. sausio 1 d. iš valstybės registrų atliekant bandomąjį gyventojų surašymą.

  • Business tendency survey results and economic sentiment indicator

    2020-03-31 (Scheduled message, March 2020)

    Statistics Lithuania informs that in March 2020, compared to February, the economic sentiment indicator, i.e. confidence of economic actors – producers, consumers and investors – in Lithuania's economy, decreased by 7 percentage points and stood at 1 per cent.

  • Foreign direct investment

    2020-03-30 (Scheduled message, IV Q 2019)

    In IV quarter 2019, the foreign direct investment (FDI) flow in Lithuania was negative and amounted to minus EUR 101.6 million. This was attributed to the negative flows of equity (minus EUR 216.5 million) and debt instruments (minus EUR 241.4 million), although reinvestments remained in the positive territory and amounted to EUR 356.3 million. The largest investment inflows came from Hong Kong (EUR 155 million), Latvia (EUR 74 million) and Germany (EUR 66.3 million). The largest negative investment flows came from Canada (minus EUR 265.1 million) and the UK (minus EUR 166.3 million). In terms of activity, the largest investment inflows were directed to real estate companies (EUR 29.1 million), while the largest negative flows were directed to financial and insurance companies (minus EUR 195.6 million). In 2019, the FDI flow in Lithuania amounted to EUR 871.1 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5.9 per cent, while reinvestments increased by 5.7 per cent.

  • Changes in construction input prices

    2020-03-30 (Scheduled message, February 2020)

    The greatest influence on the overall price change was made by a 1 per cent increase in prices of construction materials and products and by a 1.5 per cent decrease in average gross hourly earnings. As regards construction materials and products, the largest increase in prices was observed for pipes – 4.3 per cent, windows and doors – 0.7 per cent.

  • International trade in services in IV quarter 2019

    2020-03-30 (Scheduled message, IV quarter 2019)

    The Bank of Lithuania and Statistics Lithuania announce that in IV quarter 2019, exports of services amounted to EUR 3.1 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 21.8 per cent, imports of services – EUR 1.8 billion and 16.3 per cent respectively.

  • The March inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP)

    2020-03-30 (Scheduled message, 2019 m. kovas)

    The annual (March 2020, compared to March 2019) inflation provisional estimate calculated based on the HICP stands at 1.7 per cent. This was mainly influenced by an increase in prices for food products and non-alcoholic beverages, services of hotels, cafés and restaurants, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, as well as a decrease in prices for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels.

  • COVID-19 statistics – oficial and in real time

    2020-03-30 (Scheduled message, )

    After the State Enterprise Centre of Registers has developed a map of COVID-19 cases with real time tracking, Statistics Lithuania has updated and complemented the interactive map set for accurate showing of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

  • Turnover of retail trade and catering enterprises

    2020-03-27 (Scheduled message, February 2020)

    Based on provisional data, in February 2020, the turnover (VAT excluded) of retail trade enterprises amounted to EUR 931.5 million at current prices, and against January 2020, seasonally and calendar adjusted, increased by 1.3 per cent at constant prices.

  • Consumer opinion survey results

    2020-03-27 (Scheduled message, March 2020)

    Statistics Lithuania informs that in March 2020, the consumer confidence indicator stood at 0 and, compared to February, decreased by 4 percentage points. The decrease was mostly determined by more pessimistic expectations for the changes in the country’s economic situation.

  • COVID-19: Statistics Lithuania works in quarantine mode

    2020-03-26 (Scheduled message, )

    As soon as the quarantine was announced, employees of Statistics Lithuania consistently started teleworking. Currently, over 400 employees work from home. Both the central office in Gedimino Ave. in Vilnius and the territorial divisions are closed. The employees are allowed to visit the work premises only when necessary, e.g. to ensure the performance of information systems and communication.