Statistical yearbook of Lithuania (edition 2019)

Balance of payments


Data provided by the Bank of Lithuania

Source: Bank of Lithuania

Balance of payments is a statistical statement that systematically summarises, for a specific time period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world (transactions between residents and non‑residents). A transaction itself is defined as an economic flow that reflects the creation, transformation, exchange, transfer or extinction of economic value.

Credit and debit records in the current and capital accounts are shown with positive signs, except for those cases when the transaction has a negative value, for example, reinvested loss. In the financial account, positive figures signify a growth in assets or liabilities, negative figures – a decline in them. Balancing indicators such as current account balance or net lending (net borrowing) will always be treated as a difference between credit and debit or assets (net acquisition of financial assets) and liabilities (net incurrence of liabilities).

Balance of payments (quarterly)

Created with Highcharts 6.1.4EUR millionCurrent accountGoodsServicesPrimary incomeSecondary income2010Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42011Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42012Q12012Q22012Q32012Q42013Q12013Q22013Q32013Q42014Q12014Q22014Q32014Q42015Q12015Q22015Q32015Q42016Q12016Q22016Q32016Q42017Q12017Q22017Q32017Q42018Q12018Q22018Q32018Q4-900-600-30003006009001 200

Source: Bank of Lithuania

International investment position is a statistical statement that shows at a point in time the value of financial assets of resi­dents and the liabilities to non-residents. The net international investment position (the stock of external financial assets minus the stock of external liabilities) shows the net lender/borrower status of an economy, and with non-financial assets included – the net worth of economy.

International investment position (quarterly)

Created with Highcharts 6.1.4EUR millionNet International investment positionAssetsLiabilities2010 m.I ketv.2010 m.II ketv.2010 m.III ketv.2010 m.IV ketv.2011 m.I ketv.2011 m.II ketv.2011 m.III ketv.2011 m.IV ketv.2012 m.I ketv.2012 m.II ketv.2012 m.III ketv.2012 m.IV ketv.2013 m.I ketv.2013 m.II ketv.2013 m.III ketv.2013 m.IV ketv.2014 m.I ketv.2014 m.II ketv.2014 m.III ketv.2014 m.IV ketv.2015 m.I ketv.2015 m.II ketv.2015 m.III ketv.2015 m.IV ketv.2016 m.I ketv.2016 m.II ketv.2016 m.III ketv.2016 m.IV ketv.2017 m.I ketv.2017 m.II ketv.2017 m.III ketv.2017 m.IV ketv.2018 m.I ketv.2018 m.II ketv.2018 m.III ketv.2018 m.IV ketv.-30 000-20 000-10 000010 00020 00030 00040 00050 00060 000

Source: Bank of Lithuania

For further terms, see the Dictionary of Statistical Terms.