Statistical yearbook of Lithuania (edition 2019)



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The Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania is the major publication of Statistics Lithuania which reflects the country’s economic and social life, its changes and trends.

This is the first electronic publication of the Yearbook and it provides visualized statistical information from the year 2010 to the most recent period. For the convenience of the readers, the latest and detailed statistical information is available in the Database of Indicators – the related links are provided below the graphs, tables or maps and at the end of the chapters. The tables of the Database of Indicators can be transformed by adding other dimensions, downloaded and used for own purposes provided the source is acknowledged.

The Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania, its contents and design are the result of harmonious cooperation between Statistics Lithuania and other institutions managing official statistics.

We would like to thank everyone who provided information for the publication.

The Statistical Yearbook of Lithuania as well as other electronic and other publications of Statistics Lithuania are provided in the Official Statistics Portal, E‑library, and more statistical information is also available in the Database of Indicators.